20 facts you probably didn't know about chocolate

Autor: Chocoagave | Publicación: July 2019

Chocolate has a very pleasant flavor, ideal to enjoy alone or with many other foods and desserts. Many people feel guilty about eating chocolate, not knowing that a few ounces a week may be providing many nutrients to health.

A growing number of investigations have been able to determine that dark chocolate is a food rich in antioxidants, ideal to include in the diet for its important health benefits. In these investigations it was found that the black chocolate It is rich in flavonoids , which are very powerful antioxidants that care for and protect the body against different diseases.

There are many nutritional data that people do not know about chocolate. Surely after reading these 20 revealing facts , you will want to eat chocolate more frequently.

20 facts about chocolate

1.- Chocolate contains a minimum amount of caffeine compared to other foods such as coffee, tea and other products with this stimulant.
2.- Chocolate consumption could help prevent and treat different ailments, as it acts as a natural analgesic .
3.- A single chocolate bonbon provides enough energy to travel up to 150 meters .
4.- The nutrients present in chocolate help the formation of "good" bacteria in the body.
5.- Because of its high content of flavonoids , chocolate protects the skin from the sun and prevents it from sunburn .
6.- The smell of chocolate increases the brain waves theta , which induce relaxation. In addition, its consumption stimulates the release of additional endorphins , which generate a feeling of pleasure and provide well-being, as serotonin levels increase.
7.- Chocolate consumption favors concentration and memory . This is due to its high flavonoid content, which can promote the blood flow of the brain during the two or three hours after its consumption.
8.- It can help prevent tooth decay since the antibacterial agents present in cacao beans compensate for their high sugar levels.
9.- Reduces fatigue and improves physical performance.
10.- The high antioxidant content of dark chocolate could increase the life expectancy in people who consume it regularly.
11.- In a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior it was revealed that a piece of dark chocolate can help you see better in low contrast situations.
12.- It is very good for the heart thanks to its high antioxidant content. The consumption of dark chocolate helps dilate the arteries and promotes blood flow , also helps prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arterial walls.
13.- Although many people do not believe it, chocolate could be a great ally for those who want to lose weight . This food can be a support thanks to its high antioxidant content and satiating power.
14.- Eating chocolate during pregnancy helps prevent stress and improves mood.
15.- It is used in a large number of beauty products, since it moisturizes the skin, softens and helps prevent the early appearance of wrinkles .
16.- It is believed that dark chocolate could help control and prevent cough.
17.- The antioxidants that chocolate has contribute to keep us young .
18.- The flavonoids present in chocolate have a high power to combat and prevent the action of free radicals in the body. Thanks to this, chocolate helps prevent diseases and contributes to cell regeneration.
19.- Recent research determined that women who consume 20 ounces of dark chocolate a week reduce the risk of stroke by up to 20%.
20.- Chocolate cacao contains oleic acid , which is a type of fat that could help increase good cholesterol levels.

Recommendations for eating chocolate.

Chocolate highly beneficial for health is the dark black chocolate . While some types of white chocolates retain some properties, these are usually less beneficial than dark chocolate.

Chocolate consumption should be moderate , taking a maximum of 2 ounces a day. People with diabetes and obesity problems should consult a doctor before including bitter chocolate in their diet.

When buying chocolate it is good to verify that it contains at least 65% cocoa.