Visit us at the Chocolate and Cacao Lounge

Autor: Chocoagave | Publicación: August 2019

You will find raw materials and processing technology; You will know the current market trends. From cacao to its transformation into chocolate and chocolate .

Chocolate lovers can enjoy and get to know in one place the wide range of chocolates.

The Chocolate and Cacao Salon is the reunion with the world of chocolate, it is an exhibition dedicated to promoting the Chocolate and Cacao culture , identity and market trends.

This exhibition promotes the consumption of cacao and chocolate. Chocolate lovers can enjoy and know in one place the delights of the wide range of chocolates offered by the market.

There will be tastings, sale of products, samples of the different forms of production, workshops and tastings. Attendees at Chocolate and Cacao Lounge can meet, taste the quality of Cacao and Chocolate, discovering its qualities and versatility.

The objective of Chocolate and Cacao Salon is:

- Promote the consumption of chocolate
- Know the origins and history of cacao and chocolate
- Taste authentic chocolate
- Discover trends in chocolate preparation