Autor: Chocoagave | Publicación: June 2019

Chocolate is one of the most consumed foods. However, there are several myths about the negative aspects of consuming this product: what causes acne, what causes tooth decay, that makes you fat. Chocolate has a wide range of presentations that captivates most people, there is even talk of a chocolate addiction.

Various studies developed in recent years extol the health benefits of chocolate. Chocolate, especially bitter or black , can provide many benefits.

A moderate consumption of this can contribute to improve the stress tables , is beneficial for heart health and can help prevent diabetes. Combined with a varied diet, chocolate favors the nutritional balance .

Discover the 5 key benefits of eating chocolate:

Prevents heart and cerebrovascular diseases.- Chocolate contains flavonoids that keep the arteries decongested, preventing heart attacks or spills. It is also believed that cacao butter increases good cholesterol .

Improves mood.- This is because chocolate contains euphoric and stimulating properties such as phenylethylamine that produces euphoria and emotional well-being.

Stimulates sexual desire.- Chocolate increases libido.

Prevents cancer.- Chocolate is an excellent antioxidant, with a high level of magnesium, capable of preventing the action of free radicals. Additionally, the flavonoids present in this food, such as epicatechin and quercetin have anti-cancer properties.

Stimulates memory.- Theobromine, caffeine and phenylethylamine are components that contribute to stimulate our cognitive abilities, as well as helping the body to stay active and awake.