We renew our image

Autor: Chocoagave | Publicación: August 2019

In life everything is constantly evolving. Both people and companies need from time to time to experience profound transformations without losing their essence.

In Chocoagave , we appreciate the preference you have given us for so many years, and as a way to honor the long road together, we have decided to renew our image to reflect on the outside all the good that we have inside.

This year we release a new image more in line with what we want to project from now on. And as always, complying with the most strict national and international standards with certified products, free of sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, preservatives and flavorings; in summary "Organic and 100% natural" .

We invite you to know all our renewed range of products: Chocoagave to spread, Chocoagave powder, Chocoagave tablet, Cacao powder and Cacao pieces; all available both in prestigious stores and to be purchased online. See our "Store" section for more information.

For your support for so many years.

Thank you!