Novaorgania was created with the purpose of rescuing the vast variety of Mexican products, (starting with cacao and agave syrup) adding value to them. For a long time, Marisol Janeiro (Founder and CEO) was dedicated to the research and development of products. Research continues to add more options to the existing line by combining them, pointing out its nutritional value, supporting the growth of the Mexican countryside, the production of natural cultivation and returning to our roots.

Novaorgania is the exclusive producer, distributor and marketer of CHOCOAGAVE.

The mission our company is dedicated to work with foods originated in Mexico, rescuing the traditions of our ancestors and maintaining the healthy, functional characteristics and the flavor of each product. We are committed to the well-being of our consumers, the Mexican product quality, health and environment.

Passion for all those who are part of the company, it is so important to work with noble products of nature, as the certainty that in addition are healthy foods.
Mexico is rich and has an extended variety of products. Support to the development of the countryside and Mexican farmers, is the reason why we use what our land has given us.

Visión food, in its natural state, maintains its original properties. Cultivation and processing with natural methods, are an essential part to ensure the quality of the finished product. Support healthy, Mexican food with great taste, using no additives or synthetic substances or genetically-modified organisms, no preservatives, no colorants or flavorings, is what we love to do!


Chocolate is a food that by its vegetable origin is a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that make it a superfood and demystifies the idea that is a treat.

The line of products CHOCOAGAVE are chocolates carefully elaborated made with cacao and agave syrup to which we add an exact amount of vanilla, cinnamon or others ingredients to offer a decadent, unique and exquisite experience in each of our products.




Given the recent increase in food allergies, it is that we are committed to offer a choice of healthy and suitable products for the majority of people who suffer from allergies. In this way, we created CHOCOAGAVE – a group of products that is free of major allergens such as dairy, soy, sugar cane, gluten, peanuts, nuts, and seeds.

All our products are certified organic by Certimex (Certificadora Mexicana de Productos y Procesos Ecológicos) who credits, monitors and verifies compliance with organic and rigorous standards. Given the fulfillment of these standards, national and international it is that our product labels can hold the following symbols:

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