Chocolate, due to its vegetable origin, is a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that make it a superfood and demystifies the idea that it is a treat.

CHOCOAGAVE products are chocolates carefully made with cacao and agave syrup to which we add the exact amount of vanilla, cinnamon or other ingredients to offer a decadent, unique and exquisite experience in each of our products.


Given the recent increase in food allergies, it is that we are committed to offer a choice of healthy and suitable products for the majority of people who suffer from allergies. In this way, we created CHOCOAGAVE – a group of products that is free of major allergens such as dairy, soy, sugar cane, gluten, peanuts, nuts, and seeds.


All our products are certified organic by Certimex (Certificadora Mexicana de Productos y Procesos Ecológicos) who credits, monitors and verifies compliance with organic and rigorous standards.

*Certificadora Mexicana de Productos y Procesos Ecológicos


Cacao was already growned by the Mayans more than 2500 years ago.

The Aztecs learned of the Mayans about farming and the use of cacao. The cacao was called “cacahuat”; the aromatic beverage obtained from its fruits was called “xocolatl”. Back then, the “xocolatl” was appreciated as a restorative that gave strength and woke up sexual appetite.

In the Empire Aztec, Moctezuma received part of their taxes in cacao seeds, because their seeds were used as coins. As a beverage, Moctezuma received annually 400,000 countles, equivalent to 160 million cacao berries, useful for 50 daily cups of chocolate, for personal consumption.
Cacao seeds were also used as coins, habit that lasted long after the Spanish colonization. In fact, Hernan Cortes paid his soldiers with cacao.

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